Damp Proofing

VML Ltd Damp proofing Services offers a 30 Year Guarantee on Damp Proofing! There are many different reasons that a property may require damp proofing; from rising damp, penetrating damp, waterproofing or through historical condensation problems.

Damp proofing is the protective process to ensure moisture cannot pass through all walls in contact with the ground or floors. Damp can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common form of damp is caused by condensation, rain penetration, and rising damp or from high ground levels. VML Ltd can provide Damp Proofing solutions, having been solving damp problems in the Portsmouth area for many years.

Damp survey – Let us help you!

We can visit your property and…

Identify the damp problem within the property

Determine the source of moisture

Inspect any existing damp proof course (where necessary)

Inspect any problems with the building structure

Identify potential future problems resulting from damp (such as dry rot or wet rot)

Provide a solution and discuss what damp treatments are needed

Rising damp:

Rising damp is an unsightly form of dampness that can affect not only the health
of your property but depending on the extent of the rising damp issue, can potentially affect your own health or family members, if not quickly treated.

Most common within older properties where the original damp proof course may be failing or damaged,
rising damp can lead to the breakdown of the wall plaster resulting in damaged internal decorations, skirting boards and walls. If the rising damp is not professionally treated this type of damp can easily reoccur.

Penetrating Damp:

Penetrating damp (also known as water ingress) is the result of water infiltration from the outside of a property to the inside. It can be caused by things such as rain from a faulty drainpipe at the property and can also include damp from high ground levels. It is, however, an issue that can affect all buildings with solid brick or stone walls.


 It is thought that condensation affects about one in five properties in the UK. Condensation is perhaps the most annoyingly common root cause of damp problems in homes and buildings. It is caused by warm vapour filled air ‘condensing’ when it contacts with cold surfaces like walls or windows. It leaves behind drops of water (condensation) on the surface.
If left untreated, condensation can lead to damp walls, causing unhealthy living conditions and black mould growth.
VML Ltd has a selection of professional condensation solutions to eradicate the most serious and persistent problems

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